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HotelRunner comes with a full-featured content management system (CMS) so you can host your entire website on HotelRunner.


Create and manage your entire site


HotelRunner Website Customization subscription unlocks a complete content management system that lets you build and manage your hotel website. Paired with our powerful online booking infrastructure, you gain the ability to easily create and design pages, forms and more.


Along with our powerful online booking infrastructure,


Code level access


We give you full access to your website’s HTML and CSS, making it easy to customize every aspect of your website with modifiable HTML and CSS files, complete versioning of files, point-and-click, in-browser HTML editing and more.


Website Customization also includes advanced features like editing page and text titles, meta tags, alt-image descriptions and URL aliases. We give you complete control over the pages which means more traffic from search engines.

Full blogging platform


Blogging is a proven way to improve search engine ranking, increase traffic, customer engagement, and bookings.


HotelRunner’s built-in blog feature is specifically designed to create, publish, and categorize great content easily.


Need a custom design?


HotelRunner’s network of expert designers can help build your dream website. Our design experts will ensure your hotel website is a perfect reflection of your hotel brand – whether that involves a few small tweaks to its look and feel, or a huge design overhaul.


Contact us and let’s make your online business a huge success together!

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