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data-driven smart automations

Boost your revenue and profitability, ease your workload, and stay competitive with intuitive and smart actions.

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Autopilot: Automate your sales, distribution, and operations

Adapt to changing demand

Monitoring your reservation activity and occupancy rates at all times, the platform triggers the automations according to your rules set and optimizes your prices and availability on all your sales channels instantly.

Outperform the competition

Once you create your automations all you have to do is sit back and relax. The system runs complex pricing and sales strategies for you, making sure you are always profitable, efficient, and winning.

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Best price at the best time

Each of your rooms is unique and deserves special attention. Sell them with an optimized price at the right time, get the best value out of all of them, and boost your revenues effortlessly.

Ease your workload

The platform processes more data and steps in faster than any human saving you time and effort.

Schedule your automations according to seasons, holidays, and specific periods and let it do the hard work for you.

Instant updates everywhere

Thanks to the fully integrated platform with your PMS and channel manager, all your prices and availability are updated at the same time everywhere.