Upgrade your revenue management in the
fast-paced industry

Access your competitors’ real-time prices on different sales channels, take instant actions, ensure rate parity, and increase your revenues.

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Gain competitor insight

Access the real-time prices of competing properties across online travel agencies.

Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring the pricing trends in your market. With comprehensive reports at your fingertips, make informed decisions to drive maximum success.

Optimize pricing strategy

Leverage real-time market insights to fine-tune your pricing strategy and stay profitable.

Efficiently adapt your prices in real-time based on your competitors’ minimum, average, and maximum prices and respond quickly to dynamic market conditions.

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Ensure rate parity

Ensure consistency across all sales channels and drive profitability by swiftly aligning your rates and availability to the market.

Reduce the risk of losing bookings due to price differences while strengthening your brand reputation and revenue stream.

Save time and costs

Update rates and availability swiftly and accurately without toggling between multiple platforms.

Reduce the risk of errors, ensuring that your pricing decisions are implemented seamlessly across all sales channels and cut down on operational costs.

Position accurately in the market

Dynamically adapt your pricing strategy according to the type of your property and the region you are located in.

Leverage data to monitor market demand and how your competitors are responding to it so you can optimize your strategy for optimal performance.