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Thousands of properties are now using HotelRunner to build online presence, accept online reservations and use social marketing!

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Create, customize and improve your web, mobile and social presence

Build your own website

Your custom multi-lingual site will look great on any device, whether it's a mobile device or a desktop computer.

Generate a Facebook page

You can start selling your rooms via Facebook in minutes.

Improve your search rank

Your online content is optimized with built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

Use one-and-only inventory for all online reservation channels

Provide direct reservations

Use the integrated booking widget in your web site to provide direct online reservations.

Accept online payments

Offer different payment options to your guests without owning and setting up any POS system.

Be visible globally

Distribute your room availability and rates to central reservation systems, global and internet distribution systems and travel agencies.

Reach more people with built-in social media tools for Facebook, Twitter and others

Reward your customers

Define your offer and go viral using the power of sharing with social coupons.

Track your reputation

Know what's being said about your business, where your users are coming from and how they are finding you.

Know your guests

Manage your customers and loyalty programs effectively.

Super-charge your front-desk from your browser

Use your browser

Access all services and settings from your browser without buying expensive systems.

Take full control

Define your property, rooms, amenities and facilities; and control your rates, seasons and promotions.

Stay secure and reliable

Your system is always online, secure and updated automatically.

No shenanigans and no extra fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is exactly HotelRunner?

HotelRunner is a complete digital marketing and management solution for your property allowing you to create and manage your online content, and providing extra sales channels based on a secure one-and-only repository for all your customers, inventory, rates, packages and accounts.

What do I get with HotelRunner for my property?

HotelRunner brings online rooms and rates management, customer management, a fully hosted hotel web site, a Facebook page, ability to accept online reservations and payments from all channels, plus the tools for effective social media penetration including social coupons and discounts. All HotelRunner services work on the web, mobile phones, and in social networks. HotelRunner is the one-stop solution you need for online hotel management!

How does HotelRunner help me attract new customers?

HotelRunner enables you to sell your rooms from your own web site and from your Facebook page. It also brings you the right tools for social media promotions and online marketing to reach more people globally.

How much do I have to pay to start selling my rooms with HotelRunner?

There is nothing to purchase upfront and there are no setup fees. You can start for FREE and pay as you go.

How do I get started with HotelRunner?

You can sign-up for a FREE account now, setup your property and start using HotelRunner services immediately. Using HotelRunner, hotel management is now very easy!

Which software do I need to install?

None! HotelRunner runs from the Internet and is accesible anytime, anywhere. All you need is a browser to manage everything concerning your property, including rooms, rates, customers and promotions.

How much do I have to pay for maintenance and updates?

Nothing! HotelRunner is constantly updated for FREE without affecting your activity. You don’t have to download updates or buy new versions.

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