HotelRunner acquired PayPad in a strategic move

The high-end point-of-sale system is now an foundational part of our all-in-one platform as HotelRunner POS

Run your on-premise sales operations efficiently with
HotelRunner POS

Empower your food and beverage operations with a comprehensive point-of-sale system tailored for your needs, from swift order management to effortless payment processing.

You simply focus on creating memorable guest experiences.

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Manage your food and beverage operations with ease

Everything you need from fast and secure payments to perfectly synchronized sales operations.

Streamlined revenue centers
Effectively oversee all outlets’ on-premise sales across multiple hotels from a centralized dashboard, tailoring product categories, prices, discounts, and currencies.
Seamless kitchen coordination
Facilitate communication between the cash register and the kitchen for optimal order sequencing, especially for fine dining, using hold and march features for perfect timing.
Table control and optimization
Masterfully organize restaurant layouts, including merging and switching tables easily, and transferring checks effortlessly.

Accept payments in multiple methods

Cater to various payment preferences even in different currencies, and accept payment in different formats like interim and partial, offering your guests a flexible and easy payment experience.

Integrate e-invoicing and EFTPOS systems to enhance payment workflows.

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On-the-go efficiency
Stay in control with the mobile app. Access a complete executive summary, and detailed reports, and manage your restaurant from anywhere in the world.
Profitability insights
Analyze peak hours and revenue patterns instantly, facilitating easy comparisons across timeframes for strategic decision-making.
User access control
Tailor user permissions and levels for secure and controlled system access.
Reliable system monitoring
Keep operations smooth with β€œheartbeat”, ensuring continuous software and hardware performance, and giving prompt alerts for any disruptions.

Analyze every aspect of your business

Generate tailored reports covering products, sales, payments, expenses, staff performance, and more to get a complete overview.

Access comprehensive reports across formats through web, mobile, and email from wherever you are.

Enjoy a seamless integration

HotelRunner POS is fully integrated with the HotelRunner PMS, ensuring a cohesive guest experience from check-in to dining.

Flexible infrastructure integrates with third-party systems like ERP, cost management, and loyalty programs, achieving an end-to-end operation.

Enhance your on-premise sales and payment operations with a comprehensive point-of-sale system