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Accept bookings
from your website

Accept direct bookings and receive online payments from your website easily and own your guest relations from the beginning.

Create my booking widget
High Conversion Rate
High conversion rate
Turn website visitors into guests
Centralized Inventory
Centralized inventory
Real-time inventory updates
Maximize Revenue
Maximize revenue
Boost profitable bookings

Add a booking engine
to your website

Connect your website to your HotelRunner inventory, and display your rates and availability in real-time.

Earn more on each booking via our powerful online booking engine.

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Accept online payments

Accept secure credit card payments online without a hassle.

You can integrate a variety of payment systems into your website and create a fast, secure, and smooth payment experience for both you and your guests.

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Build your direct channel

Get bookings from your own website and accept online payments using our mobile-friendly booking engine.

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Market Your Property
Market your property
Add your room and rate types, create and manage your content. Promote what makes your property unique and special.
Manage Your Inventory
Manage your inventory
Manage your direct bookings and availability with ease. With HotelRunner’s powerful inventory and rate management features, breeze through your inventory.
Sell more services
Promote and sell more services on your website. In addition to your rooms, you can sell packages and extras to your guests during booking.

Go international

Your guests’ booking experience can be in any language.

HotelRunner supports 24 built-in languages (up to 84), 159 currencies, and local tax rates. Guests can see prices in their local currency with real-time conversion rates. This way, you can market in as many countries as you want.

Frequently asked questions

Hotel booking engine, booking engine/system/widget/button are the names given to the software that enables online and secure room booking through a hotel’s own website. To simplify even more, a potential guest visiting your website will encounter a search engine directly on your website instead of calling your property for the available dates and room type or visiting an online travel agency’s website.

If your property has an existing website, the rest is a piece of cake. You will then be given a code that you can copy and paste onto your website. This code connects your website to your property inventory and displays your rates and availability in real-time allowing you to get bookings easily and securely from your website.

The biggest advantage of having a functional booking engine on the official website of your property is to be able to get direct bookings. A booking engine reduces dependency on online travel agencies, no matter how necessary and useful they might be. Each booking you receive via your own website has the potential to earn you much more than the bookings you get through any online travel agency.

It is essential for you to have a website with a “Book Now” button in order to be instantly bookable by your guests and remain competitive. You need to remember that this is an element of prestige as well as a sales strategy.

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